Máy khoan EDM CNC

CNC Small Hole Drilling Machine

  1. Able to drill holes range from diameter 0.2-3.0mm with max depth-diameter ration 300:1
  2. Drilling speed 30-60 mm/min
  3. Able to drill various conductive metals , such as stainless steel , chilly steel , solid carbide , copper, aluminum etc
  4. Able to drill directly into bevel or curve surface
  5. With electrode auto checking function , improve machining hole precision
  6. With lubrication system , and hand control equipment
  7. With memory function
  8. NC axis with opposite clearance error compensation function
  9. With hand zero clearing function for NC axis
  10. X,Y,Z axis adopt ball screw ,linear guideway
  11. X,Y,Z axis adopt servo motor ,control precision as 0.001mm
  12. Hole position and parameters editor function
  13. Optional C axis (rotate axis), four axis CNC


may khoan xung BMD 703CNC


CNC EDM Hole Drilling BMD703CNC


Specification BMD703CNC Universal Parameter
Work table Size 470 x 360 mm Drilling Depth 0 – 300 mm
Work Table Travel 400 x 320 mm Z axis Travel 270+(300) mm
Load of Table 300 Kg Max. Drilling Speed 60 mm2/min
Electrode Diameter 0.2 – 3.0 mm Max. Working Current 30 A
Water Tank Capacity 30 L Max. Power comsumption 3.5 KVA
Machine Weight 700 Kg Voltage 220-415V / 50HZ
Machine Dimensions 1120 x 1005 x 1915 mm Working Solution Water/Saponification
Packing Dimensions 1400 x 1450 x 2050 mm Function of setting depth Yes
Control Type CNC: X/Y/Z axis NC Control Z axis Travel Control Electric Motor

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  38. By G Bektemür 2018 Cited by 2 — Bu harcamalar dört ana yapıda ortaya çıkmaktadır:
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