Sứ luồn dây cho máy cắt EDM

Sứ luồn dây cho máy cắt EDM

Chuyên tư vấn và cung cấp các loại dây WIRE DIE GUIDE chất lượng cao cho máy cắt dây EDM, máy cắt tia lửa điện của các hãng CHARMILLES, CHMER, AGIE, JAPAX, SODICK, MAKINO, HITACHI, SEIBU, MISHUBISHI…









ROBOFIL, 300,500,310,510

YC101-Upper 6mm(w)x4mm(h)

YC102-Lower 5mm(w)x4mm(h)

 Diameter: 0.105 – 0.335

431.022 (0.10mm)

431.114 (0.15mm)

431.112 (0.20mm)

432.511 (0.25mm)

432.512 (0.30mm)


431.027 (0.10mm)

431.124 (0.15mm)

431.122 (0.20mm)

430.586 (0.25mm)

432.814 (0.30mm)









Diameter: 0.105 – 0.335

632267020 (0.205mm)

632267025 (0.255mm)

632267030 (0.305mm)




Diameter: 0.105 – 0.335

659089001 (0.205mm)

659090001 (0.255mm)

659342001 (0.305mm)

632990000 (old#)




Diameter: 0.105 – 0.335

632992000 (0.205mm)

632993000 (0.255mm)

632994000 (0.305mm)


STD Guide Upper&Lower

Diameter: 0.105 – 0.335

632987000 (0.205mm)

632987000 (0.255mm)

632987000 (0.305mm)







Upper & Lower

0.11 ~ 0.31mm





0.11 ~ 0.31mm

CW340/430/530/640/740/850/CW530S for AWT








O.P.Q.R.T.W series, mate


A290-8021-X765 (0.205mm)

A290-8021-X766 (0.255mm)

A290-8021-X767 (0.305mm)


O.P.Q.R.T.W mate


Diameter: 0.105 – 0.410

A290-8021-X775 (0.205mm)

A290-8021-X776 (0.255mm)

A290-8021-X777 (0.305mm)




Diameter: 0.105 – 0.335

A290-8021-Y775 (0.205mm)

A290-8021-Y776 (0.255mm)

A290-8021-Y777 (0.305mm)


K, M, N, L, AF


Diameter: 0.105 ~ 0.335

A290-8018-X443 (0.205mm)

A290-8018-X444 (0.255mm)

A290-8018-X445 (0.305mm)




ALPHA -A,B,C,iA,iB series (Manual) Upper // YF110T for 45 Angle-Cut

A290-8101-X733 (0.205mm) / A290-8103-X705 (0.205mm)
A290-8101-X734 (0.255mm) / A290-8103-X706 (0.255mm)
A290-8101-X735 (0.305mm) / A290-8103-X707 (0.305mm)




ALPHA-A,B,C,iA,iB Lower // YF110T for 45 Angle-Cut

A290-8101-X743 (0.205mm) / A290-8109-X715 (0.205mm)
A290-8101-X744 (0.255mm) / A290-8109-X716 (0.255mm)
A290-8101-X745 (0.305mm) / A290-8109-X717 (0.305mm)






A290-8092-X705(0.205mm) / A290-8092-Z705(0.205mm)
A290-8092-X706 (0.255mm) / A290-8092-Z706 (0.255mm)
A290-8092-X707 (0.305mm) / A290-8092-Z707 (0.305mm)
A290-8092-X702 (0.105mm) / A290-8092-Z702 (0.105mm)




A290-8110(8092)-X715 (0.205mm)
A290-8110(8092)-X716 (0.255mm)
A290-8110(8092)-X717 (0.305mm)
A290-8110(8092)-X712 (0.105mm)


ALPHA-A, B, C, iA, iB AWF Lower
Lower For afor 45 Angle-Cut
Alpha 1b 19mm Length










Q series – Manual


Diameter: 0.105 – 0.335

Q1846 / Q1848


H-CUT Series – Manual

Upper & Lower

Diameter: 0.105 – 0.335











Upper(101) / Lower(102)

Diameter: 0.105 – 0.305





Upper (Manual)

Diameter: 0.105 – 0.305




(Manual/Float Type)

Upper&Lower, L=44

Diameter: 0.105 – 0.305




Lower (Manual) L=28

Diameter: 0.105 – 0.305




Upper & Lower

Diameter: 0.105 – 0.305










Diameter: 0.105 – 0.305




Diameter: 0.105 – 0.310




Diameter: 0.205 – 0.310

X053C188G K4


DWC-C,CR,HA. H, H’, H1(Manual)


Diameter: 0.105 – 0.335

X052B054G53 (0.205mm)

X052B054G54 (0.255mm)

X052B054G55 (0.305mm)


H’ (SK3/AF)


Diameter: 0.205 – 0.310

X052B092G54 (0.205mm)

X052B092G55 (0.255mm)

X052B092G56 (0.305mm)







DWC-H, HA, SA, SB, SZ (AF-1)


Diameter: 0.205 – 0.305









Dia 0.40mm x 11L




Dia   0.40mm



DIES   F.F1.G   SK / AF

SIZE: 0.4mm OR 0.6mm



Dies Holder H.C






Set screw H1.A.B.Z. AF


Dia 0.4mm x 12.5L



Set screw, manual type


Upper & lower

0.4mm x 12.5L




DWC-H1, HA, C, CR, SA, SB, SZ (AF-1)


Diameter: 0.205 – 0.335








Set screw H1.A.B.Z.AF



Dia 0.40mm x 13L




Old type upper & lower



New SU.F SK Lower

Diameter: 0.205 – 0.305



Sub F1.G.H SK


Diameter: 0.205 – 0.305



DWC-H1, HA. SA. SB. SZ (AF1)

Dia guide B

Upper size:0.35 or 0.4mm



Jet Nozzle A.SX.SZ.P.CX AF-2.3

size:0.5,1.0,1.5mm ceramic

* O.D.(TOP) = 15.5mm



Jet Nozzle H1.A.B.Z AF

size:1.0,1.5mm ceramic

* O.D.(TOP) = 10.5mm



Dies Holder H1.A.B.Z AF






Diameter: 0.105 – 0.335











Diameter: 0.105 – 0.335








Lower Ring




Diameter: 0.4mm



Diameter: 0.4mm



Diameter: 0.4mm



Diameter: 0.4mm



Diameter: 0.4mm / Size: 60 x 33 x 12.5T









Upper & Lower

Diameter: 0.105 – 0.320


4440400-7 (0.21mm)

4440400-8 (0.26mm)

4440400-9 (0.31mm)


EW-B.E EWP-300A2(Manual)

Upper & Lower

4433681-4 (0.21mm)

4433681-5 (0.26mm)

4433681-6 (0.31mm)


EW-A5S, A7S, C5S3 (AWF)

Upper & Lower

0.20mm(wire size) -> 0.21mm

0.25mm(wire size) -> 0.26mm

0.30mm (wire size)-> 0.31mm



EW-A5S, A7S, C5S3 (AWF)

Upper & Lower

0.20mm(wire size) -> 0.21mm

0.25mm(wire size) -> 0.26mm

0.30mm (wire size)-> 0.31mm



EW-A5S, A7S, C5S3 (AWF)

Upper & Lower

0.20mm(wire size) -> 0.21mm

0.25mm(wire size) -> 0.26mm

0.30mm (wire size)-> 0.31mm










Diamond for AF




Pre-Split Guide. ( AWT )




YS102 / 104



Upper(AWT) & Lower

Ceramic on top, Diamond inside

& Stainless Housing

LOW        /        UP


308-0248 0249/308-0223,0224

308-0250 0251/308-0225,0226


A300.500.AW300.450. EPOC AP.BF

Diameter: 0.105 – 0.420

Upper & Lower ( AWT & Manual)

308-1000, 0982(0.21/0.22mm)

308-0990, 1017(0.26/0.27mm)

308-0991, 1018(0.31/0.32mm)


A280L.320L A Series 87-3L type



YS5014-1 ( for Taper )

Sub-Guide Holder, AQ series



Upper & Lower Guide for AP150



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