Máy ăn mòn tia lửa điện EDM450ZNC

Tính năng nổi bật của Máy ăn mòn tia lửa điện EDM450ZNC

  1. Adopt Japan SANYO AC servo motor.
  2. Steady safety device, optical sensors, auto answer, fire extinguisher and power cut off.
  3. Good machine structure , high rigidity ,high precision , adopt V slide design.
  4. Adopt HT300 ageing treatment casting ,keep precision long time.
  5. Adopt high quality imported oil pump.
  6. Three-axis linear scale;
  7. Can choose red oil, pumping oil slagging mode, but also choose not to dip the oil processing;
  8. For copper, graphite, steel, on the cavity, and special shape holes machining
  9.  Lubrication system uses recovery mode, rail lubrication action at once, and keep the look clean
  10.  Moistureproof, Antirust, rust, gold plated K PCB board design


Ứng dụng của máy ăn mòn tia lửa điện (Máy xung EDM)

EDM sinker machine is used for cavity forming. It utilizes conductive material (copper, graphite, steel) as electrode to process workpiece (conductive material) by spark erosion. Main use: processing precious die, cavity m

old and so on. It is widely used in metal processing and mold making workshop.

Our company’s EDM series machines are featured in strong functions, convenient and reliable operation, of fairly good rigidity, running placidly, of good controllability, suitable to process conductive metal moulds, complicated metal parts and templates with high precision, high toughness and difficult processing. EDM process has become the important part in the field of mechanical manufacture. They are widely used in the fields of moulds, electronic instruments, precision mechanical process, automobile parts, military, etc.

» Specifications / Parameters




Working Tank (LxWxH)

mm 1200 x 650 x 450

Table Size (LxW)

mm 700 x 400

Travel Size

X mm 450
Y mm 300
Spindle Travel(Z) mm 200
Auxiliary Travel(Z) mm 200

Distance between Spindle
Nose to Work Table

Min. mm 58
Max. mm 450

Max. Table Load (Workpiece weight)

mm 1000

Max. Spindle Hold (Electrode weight)

kg 150

Oil Tank

L 470

Oil Tank Dimension (LxWxH)

mm 1260 x 780 x 450

Control Method

DC (Japan SANYO)

Rated Current

A 60

Machine Dimension (LxWxH)

mm 1800 x 1500 x 2200

Machine Weight

kg 1800

» Current Parameters

Working Current
Speed / Efficiency
Electrode Loss
Surface Finishing
Input Power
60A 400  mm³/ min. ≤0.3% Ra≤0.2um 7 KVA

» Accuarcy | Precision (Standard:GB/T 5291.1—2001)



Flatness of the workbench

0.03mm / 1000

X Axis Movement Straightness

in Y-X plane 0.015/ 500
in Z-X plane 0.015 / 500

Y Axis Movement Straightness

in X-Y plane 0.015 / 500
in Z-Y plane 0.015 / 500

 Z- Axis Movement Straightness
(Spindle Perpendicularity )

move on X axis 0.02 / 200
move on Y axis 0.02 / 200

Parallelism of work table

move on X axis 0.015 / 300
move on Y axis 0.015 / 300

X-Y Axis Squareness

0.015 / 500

» Configuration | Setup

Resine Sand Casting

Machine Body : HT250
Work Table: HT300

X/Y Axis:

Manual Hand Wheel
“TEFLON” face V type Hard way
Precision Ball Screw

Z Axis:

TAIWAN “ABBA” V type Hard Way+ T Screw


Italy GRUNDFOS or Taiwan WALRUS Oil Pump
Taiwan Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Taiwan Halogen work lamp
Taiwan Skeet chuck



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